Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Color My World: 100 Followers Giveaway! + a question...

There's a lovely giveaway at Color My World, go there and follow her blog, then comment on your favorite summer activity.

Click here to enter: Color My World: 100 Followers Giveaway!: "The highlights of summer--bike rides, lazy weekends on a lake, wading pools and backyard barbecues keep pulling me away from my sewing and ..."

Here's the prize:

It ends July 6th at 5pm (not sure of time zone).

While I have you here, what kind of thread do you use for Free Motion Quilting???? I changed threads the other day and I am having tiny loopy issues on the back. If I change back to the old thread, it's fine. The thread works for piecing, but not FMQ.... just wondering about the weight, brand, etc. FYI: the weights are the same and I use matching thread in the bobbin. One is Gutermann, the other is Isachord (not saying which is the one that does not work). Both are polyester.

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Rosemary Dickinson said...

I use Auriful Mako 50 weight for free motion. I also use Bottom Line in the bobbin which is 60 weight when not using the Mako in the bobbin. I always check the back periodically to make sure I don't get any weird looping issues. Sometimes, I just have to re-thread the machine and take out my bobbin and put it back in. Hope that helps.

Karin said...

Hi...I used to use Gutermann 50/3 thread, however have recently switched to Aurifil Mako 50/2 in both top and bobbin. Found this to be much better as less build up and the thread is beautiful. Also use Rasant, a Polyester thread which I believe is similar to Isachord. Also good but less shine.