Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm bringing Hexy back...

Well, it's been too long! Did you miss me? My last post was almost 6 weeks ago! I have to say... I've been a very Hexy boy since the last time :) I always say, if I'm not blogging, I'm sewing, sew that's a good thing :) If you follow me on Instagram, you definitely know what's going on. It's like my little microblogging tool :)

Sew anyway, I thought it appropriate for this post to mention that I started a Google+ community quite awhile back called "I'm Hexy and I Know It!" We've got quite a few members and so far it's been a blast seeing all the awesome Hexiness :) Come join in the fun!

Now, wanna see some pictures from the last 6 weeks?

I hope that was a yes, 'cause here goes:

 I've been getting very hexy on the train... These are 1 inchers (sides as always) using scraps from the bin :) Yay! Scrapbusting!
 These are 2 inchers and it has 20 double ring flowers with an inner border, 4 x 5 rows of flowers. It's gotta be a queen size. I have 4 rows of 5 sewn together, now I just have to sew the 4 rows together. They are just too big to take on the train now, sew I will have to finish this quilt top in another setting.
 Here is the back of the 1 inchers.... I'm just randomly picking from my stack of flowers... no rhyme or reason except to keep similar fabrics from touching each other.
Here is me busy working on it :)

 Oh, and here is where I am headed to everyday :)
 I just got this one loaded on the machine. I hope to have it quilted this weekend sew I can take it to my quilting club for show and tell on November 2nd.
Here is the top on the design wall, which I may have posted before. It has the appliqued peacock in the lower right hand corner.

Well, that's all I have for you today! Wait, I wanted to say that I did pick a winner for the giveaway for the Grandma's Lawn Chair blog hop. It was Paul B. He already received the pattern and the fabric. I threw in some die cut hexies too. He was quite happy. I was surprised that the random number generator landed on him because we had already met in cyberspace. He's a hexaholic too :) and a member of the "I'm Hexy and I Know It!" community :)

Until next time,


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