Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scrappy Quilt Fabric Charm Swap (Update)

Just wanted to update everyone on the status of this. I posted this in the Flickr group today:

The mail man just came (today is 5/24/2014). These are the ones I have not received:

(I have not marked off Roberta from Louisiana. I got her 2 spots, but I don't know her Flickr name.)

SeeLifeMarvels (2 spots)
karennie34 (2 spots)
Malinis Quilts
Boopsi52 (2 spots)
ladynredd (2 spots)
someone5456 (2 spots)
LJB Jones

Sew, I'm missing 13. Some of you on this list have already contacted me to say it's in the mail. I'll keep updating the received list as they come in.

I had one package that was opened and arrived in a baggy! Anyway, some charms were missing from it, so I am going to replace the missing ones. Good thing this is scrappy! So, you may not all have the same! Thank you everyone for the little surprises I found in some of the packages too! I've tried to send a personal thank you, but I may have missed a few in the madness :) I didn't realize how stressful hosting the swap can be. I'm thinking on the next one, I might change some rules a bit :) make it easier on me!

Happy Memorial Day!

PS: if you need to communicate with me... send me an email: amateurquilter at gmail dot com
Flickr communication really sucks.

I'm thinking of doing a round 2. I'll keep you posted.

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