Long Arm Quilting Services

I charge by the hour for my services. This includes loading the quilt onto the frame, quilting, and any other work involved in the process.

I do all of the quilting free-handed not with computer automation. 

Instead of trying to give prices here on my website, it is best to contact me to discuss what is involved so that I can estimate how long it will take me to complete.

I will only charge you for actual hours worked, so if it takes me less time than the estimate, you will be charged less.

If you are requesting a simple all over edge to edge pattern (e.g. stippling/meandering), I will charge $0.02 per square inch which is pretty standard in the area.

I am located in Central New Jersey around Somerset/Middlesex/Union counties area.


I will use a brand new needle to start every project.

You can provide thread and/or batting. If I provide this, I will only charge you the actual cost, i.e. I will not try to make a profit. I will even save any left over thread for your next order (labeled with your name so I know it is yours!)

For thread, I prefer and have used Superior King Tut (cotton) or Superior Omni (polyester). I've also used Gutermann polyester 50 wt. when I prefer a lighter inconspicuous quilting stitch.

For batting, I prefer and have used Warm & Natural (or Warm & White) for cotton, and Quilter's Dream for polyester. I have also started using Hobbs 80/20 as of lately.

If you want to provide a different thread or batting, I'm open for discussion. There are others I have tried that work well.

If you are shipping it to me, include a USPS priority flat rate return shipping label. If you are in the area (Central New Jersey) you can stop by my home and leave it with me, then pick it up when it is finished.

Preparation of your quilt

Read this carefully. If you follow these instructions, you are less likely to incur any overage charges. Remember that I charge by the hour, so the easier you make it for me, the better!

Make sure the top and back are thoroughly pressed. If you are shipping it to me, I will give it a quick once over to press out the folds.

Remove any loose threads from the front and back of the quilt.

The backing and batting need to be at least 4-6 inches (6 is better) longer and wider than the quilt top on all sides. You do not need to baste the layers together.

Make sure the backing is square. If it is not, it can cause puckering on the back and make it difficult to load onto the frame. I can try to fix it, but remember the longer it takes me, the more it will cost because I charge by the hour.

Mark the top of the quilt top and the quilt back with a safety pin if you have a preference.

I am very easy to work with and agreeable to most things. Contact me if you are interested in getting an estimate. We can discuss the type of design, the thread, batting and any other needs you may have. You can also check out some of my projects here


646-239-1058 (leave a message if necessary)

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