Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prince Charming

So, just what exactly is a "Charm Pack?" I know, I've Googled it. But, really what's its purpose? Is it cheaper? Does it save you time? Is it convenient? Are the ones with the jagged edges really the size they say they are?

Coming from someone who has not been doing this long, I'm perplexed. I just don't get it. I saw some on Craftsy or Groupon or whatever that were on sale for now only. When I calculated the yardage, it was not a "real" deal. Even though they were like 40% off. Then I noticed they were advertised for 5.5 inch squares, but they had a shear cut (zig zag) so I was wondering: Is the 5.5 inches measured from the outer point or the inner point? And, how functional is it, if you just want to sew squares together? I can't imagine not having a straight line when I sew squares together. I would never be able to discern a quarter inch seam!!!

Anyway, leave me some insight into this in the comments. Remember, I'm just an amateur.

I web-lifted the photo, so please let me know if I have violated your copyright. (I'm not gonna buy one until I understand the reasoning behind it!)

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