Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vroooom, Vrooom!!!!

Well, the Scrappy Quilt Fabric Swap (Round 2) is finally over :) I'll probably do another one in a few months.

I wanted to get some sewing in today, but I realized I had not really blogged in a while (besides announcing the swap, etc.).

Sew... here is a finish that I have not shared yet. It was commissioned by a friend of my husband. It's for her boyfriend who is really into NASCAR and specifically Tony Stewart. I know. It is seeew not me :) But I schooled myself really quickly. There were a couple of licensed fabrics out there with his number and signature sew I started with that. I then went to ebay and picked up some Tony Stewart Tshirts (new ones!)...Picked up a little NASCAR fabric and some blenders to go with that. I then got some black and white fabric to do some tiny patchwork like checkered flags. I know you can buy checkered fabric, but I thought it would be more cool to make the patchwork. I quilted it in a flame like pattern :) It's very srappy looking and there is not much focal point going on. But, that's my favorite kind :)

She loves it. As for the boyfriend he gets it next week on his birthday :)

Hope you all are sewing this weekend.

Until next time,


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