Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rescued Quilt Top - Leaf Applique

When I was up in Maine last week I stopped at a ton of antique stores. I found an awesome quilt top that basically in a pile of blankets and old quilts at a place on Post Road. The tag on it said $395.00. I went to the owner and asked if she had any other unfinished quilts. She wanted to know what I meant. I showed her this one and she said name a price. I said $35.00, she said "sold." :)

I have no idea how old it is but if you want to venture a guess please let me know. I was thinking 1980s, but I'm totally clueless on these things. It has a few small stains that I will try to get out before I quilt it. It's about a queen size I think. The applique zig zag stitching is not very good, but I think it will be fine. There are also some penciled lines on the green. I think he/she was planning on quilting it, but never did for some reason.

Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful day.

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