Friday, May 3, 2013

Is it Binded or Bound?

Once the binding is finished on your quilt, is it considered "binded" or "bound?" I had this conversation with a friend this morning on the train. (I happen to be making him a quilt at the moment.) We think that in the quilting world "binded" is acceptable, but not so much in other contexts. Thoughts?

I'm about to sew the binding on this hexy quilt. So, does it need to be bound or binded?

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Also, you all know how Hexy I am :)... so I started a Google community for English Paper Piecing called "I'm Hexy and I know it!" Come join through this link :) I've made the leap and integrated Google+ into my blogger account, including comments. They finally fixed the issue of it making you a no-reply blogger, so I hope you all will make the leap too :) Inevitably you will be forced to make the leap... sooner or later! If you want to follow me there take a look at the "Follow Me" box on the right of my blog.

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