Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quilts in Action!!!

Nothing says "Thank you!" like seeing a gifted quilt in action! :)

I love getting pictures of people using my quilts. It's the best feeling! Even when I am at home and my honey bunny is sleeping on the couch covered with one of my quilts, it says "Thank you!"

Sew, here is a picture I received from my office mate with his new baby boy on the quilt I made for him!

Isn't he just cute as a button?!!! You can see the full album of pictures for making this quilt here.

I also wanted to share with you this awesome stuff I got at my Quilting Club the last time we met. It's a fusible tape for joining 2 pieces of batting together. I always have medium to small pieces left over when I square off my quilts. Especially since I use the large 40 yard roll (90 inches wide). If I have a lap quilt I usually don't need all 90 inches so I save these pieces that are usually about 20 inches wide. Well I took 2 of those pieces and joined them. It worked like a charm!

I hope all is well in your life!

Until next time,


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