Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I finally did some free motion on a real quilt.

I just started doodling. At first I was unsure of my jumping right in. I tried to do some wiggling, loops, stippling, meadering, whatever you want to call it. It started to look like someone puked a big blob of thread on the quilt. But in the end, the overall effect was just fine... and it turned out to be some great practice. I made many ugly stitches, but I just kept right on going. I played with speed, with designs with direction and it all wasn't really that bad.

I spray basted the quilt using Patsy Thompson's method and it worked out great. I had that baby basted in 15 minutes (lap sized blue ribbon quilt) and I definitely loved not having to stop to take out pins. I did not use gloves. I used silicone spray on the surface of the plexiglas extension. Even though, I was still having difficulty moving the bulky quilt smoothly. (On the next one I used gloves and boy did it make all the difference.)

After I had it finished and had binded it, I washed it and I love the way it looks. It's got that crinkly quilt effect. I know I have more pictures of it that I will have to share at some point.

Anyway, I then moved on to the rainbow block quilt and I am even much happier with how the quilting turned out on that one. I will write about it next time.


Update: I got some pictures of the finished quilt...

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