Friday, August 10, 2012

I've got a Buzz, checking my blog stats and Richard and Tanya's Link a Finish Friday

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So, it's Link a Finish Friday at Richard and Tanya's Quilts. They're very lenient with the rules which is excellent considering I do not finish full quilts everyday. It just has to be something you finished! :) A block, a quilt top, a project, whatever! So, I have an almost completed project, but tonight I finished the quilt top. Tomorrow I back piece it and Sunday I quilt it. It has to be in the mail by Thursday. It's for our grandson who turns 4 real soon. He likes Buzz Lightyear, so I went with that theme :) Here are some pictures:

 Mitch giving moral support.
 The blocks up close.
 Seams going the wrong way, which I left and did not fix because it goes with my mantra.
Adding the sashing.
Quilt top finished with the border.

Tomorrow I will back piece the back. I have picked out some things that he likes. Cars from Disney. Monkeys, Space Monkeys, robots, space men, stars, etc.

I have decided to quilt it with glow in the dark thread in a stippling with 5 point stars (bobbin and top). I can't wait to find out his reaction from his mom. I told her about it and to record it and upload to youtube so I can see his reaction. They do not live near us. I know he will love it. He knows more about space and astronomy than I do. That would be the flash cards we got him :)

I also wanted to mention a recent discovery. I was checking my stats for the blog and it said I had over 200 hits referred by craftgossip last week. Well, it turns out, the editor from craftgossip posted my Hexy finish on craftgossip (and did not let me know) but now I have added the "featured on" button to the right hand side bar. It's pretty awesome. I signed up for their newsletter. Awesome! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook. I'm lacking there. I'm also on Twitter, but doing good there. Sign up for both if you have not already.

Anyway, I am linking up at Richard and Tanya's blog.

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