Thursday, March 8, 2012

To Steam or Not to Steam, That is the Question.

So, yesterday I was assembling the blocks on the quilt for my mother, and I realized that some of the bulky seams (which I had pressed open) were not very flat. So, I decided to steam those babies and you would not believe how flat they came out. I had been told previously by many others that steam is bad for the fabric. "Don't do it, it will [insert reason here] to your fabrics." Well, I wanted to know what others think?

I'm not talking about "pressing" versus "ironing." That is, pushing across the fabric versus just pushing down. I know that this can stretch the fabric and make your piecing "wonky" shaped and therefore more difficult to assemble. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Here are some pictures of the seams, one with steam, one without:

You can tell which is which, huh?

So, just curious. Comment on what you think. And if you do not follow me, please do. I am in need of followers :)

Another question: 

If you could buy a long arm quilting machine, which one would you buy? I went to a show in NJ last weekend and tried two (for the first time ever) and I want one. And, I will find a way. I love doing them on my home machine, but I'm an instant gratification type of person, and I loved it!!! The guy that showed me said "you've done this before, haven't you?" and I said, "Yes, on my home machine!!!" Send me your thoughts in the comments. 

I also wanted to mention that next to my design wall (on the left) near the computer where I type this are signed, framed photographs of Kenny Chesney and Ben Affleck. So, they are watching over me :)

Any my friend Sheela's band (love you sweetie)!

Until next time,


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