Friday, March 2, 2012

I BOM'd today :)

The Craftsy BOM is sooooooo beginner. It's perfect for me. And, I'm learning a TON about piecing. That's why I was so excited about March 1st coming up. (Here are January and February). Well anyway, I finished the first block for March (there are 2 blocks every month):

It's called a String Block and you use what's called Foundation Piecing to do it.

The following pics are of my progress:

I was very impressed with it. It's very different. The one strange thing I noticed is how thick the fabric layers/block become as you go along. My only concern is that when I quilt it I will break a needle because of all the layers (especially with the seams). But I think the end result was absolutely beautiful.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

If you are foundation piecing on fabric - use some really cheap/thin muslin. Personally, I like to use old phone book paper and then remove the paper - BUT then that's paper piecing not foundation.

Mike Pearson said...

It's funny, I didn't mention what I used for the foundation, but it was a very old (and expensive) Polo shirt. The fabric was the purple in the middle. It was very worn, but not too thin. Although, it almost felt like flannel because it was so old and soft. I saved the part with the Polo logo to maybe use as an inspiration in another quilt. Also, the light lavender was from an old sheet that my mother in law had wrapped some silver in (from Grandma) when we inherited it and she gave it to us. It's the best when you repurpose something :)

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I always like the results from string piecing! Nice job!

Sarah Craig said...

Your string pieced blocks are very nice. But Sharon's right - if you piece them on paper instead of fabric, you can peel the paper away after you're finished and eliminate some of the thickness. She should know - she makes BEAUTIFUL string pieced blocks!!

Mike Pearson said...

I've never tried it with paper. But, it sounds like a good idea. I was just trying to follow the instructions for the BOM since I was totally new at that. Thanks for the tip!!!