Friday, April 13, 2012

BOM - a - gons!

OMG!!! I finally started working on the Craftsy Block of the Month for April. It's very time consuming. The topic is English paper piecing. It took me probably a total of 3 hours to make one block! I'm not unhappy that I learned a new technique and I thought that never in a million years would I be making hexagons. I especially never thought that I would be hand sewing anything! But, OMG, it would take me forever to make a quilt made of these blocks! I guess I always thought that a BOM was all about quick and easy projects that you could do "as you go" and in the end you would have an entire quilt that seemed it took you so little time to make. Not the case with this block! I'm happy with the turnout, but in this BOM there are 2 blocks a month. And, the second one is very similar in technique, so I know it will take me awhile. Anyway, here are the pics (first one is the finished block):

I am glad that I have now finally appliqued something. I decided not to do the hand applique. I just did a straight stitch "sew on" and to stabilize I used my trusty basting spray "505." Whew! What a project! It's pretty, but with my limited sewing time, I could never do such projects that take so long. I would have so many less "Friday finishes." :( I think for the second block I will take the "hexies" with me on the train to work so I can do it then. I only need the squares, templates, scissors and a needle/thread. That sounds like fun actually (besides all the weird looks I will get being male and in business casual).

I've decided to work on my HST (half square triangles for those that are new) for the Quilt Story BOM. I think this will not take me as long :)

Anyway, until next time,


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