Friday, April 27, 2012

Perpl(h)exing Situation...

Is it ok to applique hexagons on your quilt top or blocks? I have all these hexies I made and I just don't want to whip stitch them all together by hand. I would rather thread paint them on a quilt top! Any ideas on what I should do with them or how to "do" with them? Machine ideas only. They are 2" sided.

I was thinking of some bright yellow fabric, perhaps marbled and just putting them on wherever I feel :) Which brings me to something else. I buy a ton of fabric on I see that 108" yellow backing is only $9 a yard. So, one yard is actually 3 yards. Is the quality different for this material? Or, could I use it on the front? I'm curious. Put your thoughts below on anything.

Still pondering the 50 is Nifty giveaway.

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