Monday, April 30, 2012

Craft Nurse Quilt: And the winner is....

Craft Nurse Quilt: And the winner is....: So, I'm sure you guys are ready to know....WHO WON? I know I said I was going to try to figure out the random generator thingy but guess wha...

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, one of the winners! Just wanted to give her a shout out with some blog love. Got the package today!

It had a nice note in it and I have to say: it's my first homeade pin cushion *blushing* I have no idea what to do with ribbons! But, I have already planned a home for the thread and the pin cushion ;)

Thank you so much, Kelie for the fab giveaway! Followers and readers, please go give some love to her latest post and follow her and comment on her post :)

Until next time,


Pin It!


~Kelie~ said...

I'm really really glad you like your stuff! I'm sure you will find good use for the ribbon. It can be used for a bazillion different things!!!

Mary said...

Congratulations, Mike. I received the same package when I got home last night.

If nothing else, use that ribbon to tie up quilt before you give it. But Kelie is right. There are a bazillion uses.

Thanks for directing me to Kelie's blog. And, Kelie, thanks for picking Mike and me as winners!